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Siniša Paunović
Smilja Stojanović
Mića Ilić
Desanka Maksimović
Zoran Janičić
Biljana Šukilović
Mile Ignjatović
Miodrag Mića Nedeljović

Desanka Maksimović, poetess, in the dedication of the collection of poems made as a present:

“I congratulate to the painter and soldier Mića Marinković who in the best way made peace between the officer's severity and painter's sensibility and impressed us with his strong messages and luxuriant warmth.“

Smilja Stojanović, historian of art and literate, on the opening of the exhibition in Pozarevac, 1985:

“Frolic and fancy imagination, poetry of artistic expression and realistic motives, miscellaneous of the themes, sincerity and love for art that radiate from all the paintings, make the world of Mića Marinković impressive and easy to remember.”

Mića Ilić, critic and journalist:

“Mića, like a poet, in the landscapes feels dynamics that becomes real through Breugel's details with lot of artistic refinement. His paintings are made for future, for a sentimental heart and for a person in love with art that will return and steal them a little flame of warmth of a big, artistic, heart.“

Siniša Paunović, academic painter and one of the most competent critics of naive art. In Belgrade, 1979. at the opening of the exhibition, said:

"At the first sight, the works of Mića Marinković remind of self-educated artists from Hlebine. However, if you consider his creations more carefully, you can see that he differs a bit from his teachers: he has something that his most outstanding inspirators don't have, nor any other naive artist. He has his own composition, the harmony of his colors is more inspired and more experienced, his light is more independent. Beside the fact that I don't know much about his work and life, I'm sure that the person who posesses the art talent strong like this, at first had to draw-paint, and only then start to speak."