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Siniša Paunović
Smilja Stojanović
Mića Ilić
Desanka Maksimović
Zoran Janičić
Biljana Šukilović
Mile Ignjatović
Miodrag Mića Nedeljović

Zoran Jančić, historian of art:

“The painter is inclined to narration, symbolism and allegory. He astonishes with unusual narration and above all with the richness of sonorous colors. His paintings are a wonderful world, sometimes one from the fairytales with village houses fallen asleep. At once, on a red flame horizon, on the meadows covered with snow, appears a reddish-greenish-blue rooster. What also astonishes is the painter’s ability for creating the composition with many characters that are moving and unusual life colors.”

Biljana Šukilović, historian of art:

“Milisav Marinković consistently builds his individual expression, which is by formal characteristics one of the variants of naďve art. Although, there are influences of school of Hlebine in his paintings, he exceeded his teachers. With his choice of colors, composition solutions and light effects, his paintings crosses the edge and suggest tendency to surrealism. Inspired and permanently possessed by the memories of environment of his childhood, Marinković creates paintings in which get mixed dream and reality, real and unreal. That nostalgic element of the memories of atmosphere of village with old houses, wells, mills, with human figures, which are not central figures of the painting, but only are fulfilling the atmosphere is the basic motive of the paintings. Realistic descriptions are presented by the colors that are far of any procedure that has reality as a condition of it’s existence. His tonalities aren’t in relation with local color of the object, they follow the logic of pictorial interpretation and with their sensibility represent one of the results of painting art.
The color and brightness that spill all over the picture are basic elements that make the picture act like description of a dream like fairytale.
By using the symbols like rooster, eagle, horse and bird, this impression is even more intensified.
Every picture of Milisav Marinković is a story itself which can be read easily and in which everyone finds his own reality.”