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Milisav - Mića Marinković
colonel in Army of Yugoslavia

Milisav Mića Marinković was born on April 9, 1950 in village Stranjani, Prijepolje, FR Serbia. Five classes of primary school he finished in Sopotnica, the sixth and seventh class in Stranjani where he had to go on foot and the eighth class and the high school in Prijepolje. After graduating the high school he finished four-year Military Academy for Ground Forces in Belgrade and was promoted to the rank of sub-lieutenant. During his military career he was on many duties, from squad commander to regiment commander and also on high operative duties in the command of corpus and Military Headquarter of The Army of Yugoslavia. During the 1988/1989. he finished the “Command-headquarter school of tactics” and during 1995/1996. “The School of National Defense”.
He was doing his service Požarevac, Užice and Belgrade.

He has been painting since his high school days and he started to paint intensively on 1976. by the technique of “oil on glass”. He took part on about ten collective exhibitions. He had 25 standalone exhibition.