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Motives from homeland



Motives from homeland
Motives from Stig plain
Story illustrations

Motives from homeland are made under the impressions of long, sharp mountain winters which made deep mark on author in the days when he was walking 15km to school every day, most often during night, through the pathless mountains, through cold winters, fog and most of the time on one third of the way completely alone.

On the look out

Wasted home

Winter on Zlatibor

Interior of a cottage in Jadovnik

Winter evening idyll


Arguing on the roof

Monastery Racha

Family vintage

Caravan from Zlatibor

Highlanders' drolleries

The roots

Through the storm

Lump of the native soil

Winter dusk

Mills from Sopotnica

Before the sun rising

Monastery Uvac

Idyllic chaos