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Siniša Paunović
Smilja Stojanović
Mića Ilić
Desanka Maksimović
Zoran Janičić
Biljana Šukilović
Mile Ignjatović
Miodrag Mića Nedeljović

Miodrag Mića Nedeljović, historian of art:

“The paintings of Milisav Mića Marinković belong to naive art. Naive because that is a characteristic for natural, original and inartificial appearance in art. Because of that, one of the characteristics of his paintings, in the moments of complete realization of the harmony with nature, is to make a pure inspiration and vision become clear, direct and objective.
His paintings are made in a very hot atmosphere of imagination and variety, in the content as much as in the iconography, thought by the sincere life experience of the author, fantastic and suggestively strong even when the author hides himself behind some spuriously realistic theme. Basically his paintings discover a new strong personality and recommend this artist to many competent selections for the new group that can represent us in front of the world in the best and most authoritative way.”